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Brand :Eminence Labs
Product Code :508
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Package: 250 mg/amp. (10 amp.)
Substance: testosterone cypionate
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Testeks Prolongatum (Testex Prolongatum) is a preparation of the ester of long-acting testosterone. Its active substance (testosterone cypionate) is one of the most popular steroid among bodybuilders and weight lifters in the United States, In Australia Testex Elmu Prolongatum is a popular drug. In Europe, however, it occurs less often than other esters, but in general are good demand, especially if the drug is of good quality, as in this case.
According to the properties Testex Prolongatum - a powerful steroid with a concentration of active ingredient in 125mg / ml, and with a strong androgenic and anabolic effect, In Australia Testex Elmu Prolongatum is a popular drug. In the opinion of the drug delays the less excess water in comparison with the funds on the basis of testosterone enanthate than favorably with them: to gain muscle mass and get better after the rollback rate less pronounced.

In Australia Testex Elmu Prolongatum is a popular drug
Also steroid provides a sizeable increase in strength and endurance, so well suited to improve athletic performance in power disciplines: weightlifting, power lifting, bench press, and for many others. This steroid ampoules is a good choice not only for experienced athletes, but also for beginners - the positive effect he has expressed, and the side effects from the use of recorded rarely (if complied with basic recommendations), In Australia Testex Elmu Prolongatum is a popular drug.
Experienced athletes say Testeks Prolongatum from Kyufarma has an excellent effect on the body. This results in an increase in appetite and a strong desire to train. European same origin injection virtually leaves no doubt about the quality of their production and efficiency.
According to many applicable is not only effective but also easy to use drug, which is reflected, for example in the packaging and release form. The head of the ampoule of the tool can be broken off even with two fingers, without using a towel or a nail file. Not high concentration of the substance in its turn and is soft enough oil to put permit steroid injections without encountering difficulties in the form of intolerable pain or severe discomfort after the injection, In Australia Testex Elmu Prolongatum is a popular drug.

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