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DrostoPrime by Eminence Labs

Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate) is peculiar for prevalence of androgenic activity over anabolic. Such properties make it popular among athletes that have taken the cycle of muscle bulk gaining. The drug allows getting rid of the fat efficiently. It makes muscles hard, defined and firm. The gained bulk also does not disappear.


Masteron properties

The main advantages:

      Keeping up to 90% of the gained muscles;

      Expressed fat-burning effect gained in case of calorie deficiency. 5-7% reduction of the fat layer can be gained with help of proper exercising;

      Strength increase;

      Define and hard muscles;

      Catabolic processes are inhibited.



Masteron can be efficiently used alone. The weekly dose is 400-500mg. The cycle is 5-6 weeks. Injections of Drostanolone Propionate should be divided into 3 doses per week.

The drug can be used with other steroids. The combination is selected depending on the set goals. Oxandrolone and Winstrol are suitable for drying. Testosterone is suitable for muscle gain with addition of gonadotropin.


Potential side effects

Application of the drug by women is strongly prohibited. There is a high risk of masculinization. The voice may coarsen and hairiness may increase.

In some cases, Masteron may cause balding, prostate gland reduction, and excessive aggression. There are no typical androgenic effects as the drug inhibits aromatase.

For avoiding the side effects, please select a proper dosage and duration of the drug cycle. For this please check with your doctor before use.


Feedback about Masteron

Sportsmen claim that this drug is extremely specialized. It allows drying the body without losing the muscle body. The drug can be used in combined cycles when the goal is to gain bulky muscles and get rid of fat cells. This Drostanolone-based steroid allows the preserving of muscle mass.

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