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Brand :Maxtreme
Product Code :538
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Package: 100 mg/amp. (10 amp.)
Substance: testosterone propionate
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Buy Testolic in Australia
Testolic - a product with the active substance testosterone propionate. Of all the testosterone (cypionate and enanthate) - propionate has a more lasting impact on the body, which is definitely an advantage, Buy Testolic in Australia. Thus propionate, testosterone less among all retain water, which is also an advantage. On our site you can find great many different types of testosterone. On this page is testolik - trade name of the drug, based on testosteron propionate.
Features testolika, Buy Testolic in Australia.
This steroid stimulates an increase in muscle mass and endurance, strengthens bone and ligaments. Testosterone propionate is a male sex hormone and is responsible for the physical and psychological masculinity, Buy Testolic in Australia .It promotes the presence of a coarse voice, creates a sexual desire, the presence of a more developed musculature. Testolic helps retain more nitrogen in the body, which in turn helps to better synthesize muscle proteins, thereby increasing the amount of muscle, Buy Testolic in Australia.
Side effects.
The downside of this steroid is that it is able to be aromatized in the body and be converted into estrogen. When the body accumulates too much estrogen, then begin to show female characteristics - obesity, loss of libido, suppression of testicular function and other side effects, Buy Testolic in Australia.

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