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Sustaviron-250 by BM Pharmaceuticals

Sustaviron-250 is a strong compound with high androgenic and anabolic effects. The main ingredient is four universal testosterone esters. Speaking about the ester universality, when combined, they initiate a process of smooth levels within the blood due to different periods of release times and half-life destruction. This provides a fast and long effect of the steroid. 


A new invention including a mixture of different substances has appeared in human medicine in the mid-60s. Sustanon gained big success and since a few years ago it has filled the global drug markets. Later the sports community has become interested by this steroid. High quality and diversity of the properties makes the drug rather popular in the PED industry and the regulated effect of its duration make it rather applicable. By the end of 80s Sustanon 250 reaches the peak of its popularity and enters the three most highly-demanded steroids in the domestic and global markets. There are a lot of articles about Sustanon’s medical properties. Initially the health ministry used Sustanon for medical purposes. The drug is efficient for treating: acratia, hypogenitalism, androgen deficiency and infertilities. Previously this drug has been applied for treating breast cancer (for women), osteoporosis and ovary cancer.


As we know, testosterone is a male sex hormone that makes a boy become a man. It initiates such physiological processes as development of male secondary sex characteristics, sperm cell generation, development of muscle mass, brutal physical power and other factors also. As it has been mentioned already, Sustanon is a mix of testosterones with different speeds of effect. There are a lot of testosterone types and they all have a similar action, but not all esters can interact similarly like with Sustanon. The developers have made a lot of experiments before found the best binding between the chemical molecules of ether oils. 

Athletes and weightlifters widely use Sustanon for gaining mass as this steroid can develop large and hard muscle tissues. The drug is rather practicable as it does not require frequent administration so such adverse reactions as itching, abscesses, and skin irritation are excluded. 

This substance combination includes the great Propionate - a fast ether. Due to it the effect can be perceived in a few hours after the injection. It boosts the energy and appetite. On the second or third day strength is increased and weight is gained.

It should be noted that there is different feedback about Sustaviron-250. There are many recommendations for weight lifters as due to the increase of the amount of synovial fluid in joints and ligament tissues. The drug allows increasing the working load to the utmost without risk of sprains or injuries. 

Sustanon can:

   - Be used for gaining large muscle mass up to 10kg during an individual cycle, due to accelerated protein synthesis in muscles and water retention;

   - Inhibits cortisol and retains nitrogen for the muscles;

   - Increase strength and power indicators;

   - Increase the appetite for the user;

   - Increase the number of red blood cells in the blood;

   - Improve the sexual drive during the cycle;

   - Increases the athlete’s endurance for longer workouts;

   - Improves mood and the craving for exercising as well as the overall tone of the athlete.

Cycles, how to take and the dosage

For keeping maximum Sustanon levels in the blood, Sustaviron-250 should be injected once or twice a week (e.g., on Monday and Thursday). The periods between these injections should be equal. The best dose is 250-500mg a week. Some athletes take up to 1,000mg every week, but such dosage is not useful for the average sportsmen and also increases the risk of aromatization and other negative effects.

The use of this drug by female athletes is not recommended due to the risk of virilization symptoms.

For the maximum result, it is recommended to combine Sustanon with other anabolic steroids. The most popular combinations are: Sustanon, Dianabol and Deca, as these are the main combinations for gaining muscle size. Also Sustanon is efficient when combined with Oxandrolone. and Winstrol for cutting cycles. Low-androgenic substances can remove excessive water and fat deposits, so they allow for the gain of dry muscle mass together with androgenic steroids. 

Side effects

As known, testosterone can convert into oestradiol (Oestrogen). A high concentration of this substance in a man’s body always leads to the following side effects: water retention, gynecomastia, fat deposition.

In case of a dose over 250mg a week it is recommended to take anti-oestrogens such as Anastrozole or Proviron. As a rule, at the end of a Sustanon cycle there is a 30% rollback effect due to water retention and low testosterone levels, the inhibition of endogenous level of the natural male sex hormone. For minimizing the weight loss after the cycle normal hormone levels should be recovered. Testosterone stimulators are required for PCT such as: Clomid and Tribulus.

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