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Provibol by Alpha Pharma

Provibol is a drug that is used as an add-on to a strong steroid cycle. It is also used as a part of post cycle therapy. Its main actions are suppression of aromatization, improvement of the appearance and definition of muscles and increased libido. The main active ingredient of Provibol from Alpha Pharma is Mesterolone, also known as Proviron.

Effects of Proviron

When Proviron is taken, the following effects can be observed:

  • Blocking SHBG, which increases the effectiveness of training and the anabolic effect of other drugs
  • Suppression of the aromatization processes
  • Increased libido and sperm count
  • Improvement of muscle definition and dryness

The drug is used only with other anabolic agents that suppress the production of the male hormone. It can be used to increase the effectiveness of the cycle of steroids and PCT. Proviron is not hepatotoxic and does not inhibit sexual functions. This is why it is sometimes used by people who work in the sexual industry also.

You can buy Proviron for the combination of anabolics within your cycle or to be used within PCT on our website. Rest assured that all of our products come straight from the main medical manufacturers, so you can be confident with your purchases in our online store.  

How to use Proviron

For beginners and experienced amateurs, a dosage of up to 50mg per day is recommended. Professional athletes can use dosages up to 100mg. Since the drug itself is a means of post-cycle therapy and prophylaxis, you do not need to take anything after it for restoration purposes.

Proviron is not usually taken solo. It is used in combination with AAS, which reduce the natural testosterone production, this is where Proviron comes in!

If the dosage and duration of the cycle are violated, negative effects such as severe baldness and enlargement of the prostate may occur. Before taking Proviron, you should consult with a sports specialist in case of any underlying pre-existing conditions that may clash with the use of this drug.

Reviews of Proviron

Experienced athletes appreciate Proviron as a testosterone stimulating agent that can help increase the effectiveness of their workouts. The use in Post-Cycle Therapy is intended to suppress the rollback effect and aromatization processes. A pleasant bonus from taking Proviron is an increase in sexual activity.

If the rules for taking the drug are observed, the negative effect on the body from other AAS is reduced. In this case, side effects are extremely rare.


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