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Run for fat burning

Run for fat burning

Fat - a mandatory component of any organism. He is in the body of each person, but an excess amount of its negative impact on health. Suffering and aesthetics: look ugly folds of fat, forcing people to give up your favorite outfits.And if men are taking it more or less calm, the woman critically examine the figure in the mirror and sigh, "All Tomorrow sit on a diet ..."

However, only one change in diet is not enough. It is necessary to supplement the diet to exercise to make the body "warm up" to cleave unwanted fat deposits. One of the most effective ways to burn fat is to run.

As a child, each of us played tag, hide and seek and other outdoor games. But what to say, even the usual running around the yard is a great pleasure. With age, people just run less frequently, perhaps already playing with their children or being afraid to miss the bus or train. But this can not be called fat-running. To burn calories, running should be systematic, measured, thoughtful. Regular exercise will not only help get rid of unwanted fat, but always be on our toes.

Clothing and footwear for running in Australia

Athletics everyone can, because in the run do not need any sporting equipment and special shape. The main thing is that the clothes are not shackled movement and absorbs moisture. To run is not suitable synthetics, it is better to stay on the cotton fabric.


The thought of running sessions may come at any time of the year, which means that you need to think about the outfit for each season.

Consider the features clothes for running for different seasons and weather conditions:


  • Summer . Universal version: cotton T-shirt and shorts. If it's very warm, she can wear a halter top, and a man - a T-shirt. Do not forget about the headdress, because you can get heat stroke. Baseball may subside during intensive running, but the bandana or scarf - the most it.
  • Autumn . It is time when you need to be warmed. Even if the autumn is warm enough jacket for running is essential to a strong wind does not catch a cold. Also need long pants. On the body and put on cotton underwear. Do not interfere, and a light tight cap. On a typical day can be run in a tracksuit of soft tissues (such as corduroy), and in rainy weather is best to choose a waterproof plaschevka.
  • Winter . The time of year for extreme runners. In winter, you can not run a lot because there is a risk chill throat. Even for a 30 minute jog should be well insulated. Underwear c / b linen, then warm sweater with high collar jacket covering the hips. Insulate and legs: stockings or tights, and over them - padded trousers. Some companies produce special overalls for winter sports.
  • Spring . Deceptive warm weather can play a cruel joke. So much "undress" after the winter is not necessary. Suit for spring runs the same as the one that put the fall: underwear, jacket, pants and hat. As for shoes, the ideal option - sneakers. No shoes, namely running shoes on thick soles. In winter, they need to be warmed; summer can also easier to manage. Do not forget the socks - is necessary for hygiene. 

Jogging for fat burning in Australia

No matter how simple running, there are some features that will help make the most productive workout.

1. It is best to start running in the morning. When the body just woke up, he is ready for various kinds of stress. In addition, morning run will help the whole day to be on our toes.

2. Studies have found that the fat begins to burn only after 20 minutes of running, so at least 30-50 minutes should be run in order to achieve good results.

3. Alternating runs with other exercises to diversify the usual breathing exercise. He ran a couple of kilometers in an easy pace, you can stop and do some squats, swings his arms and legs, torso twists. Then resume running again. Manipulation of the body will help to "disperse" fat and will split it.

4. In order to burn fat jogging should be intense, so it would be good to find a route with climbs uphill. No less useful and downs: there is a load on the calf muscles, which can also have excess fat.

5. Regularity - the key to accelerating the achievement of results. The body gets used to the daily stress and over time it begins to "prepare" for the upcoming run. Soon it will be possible to run allocate less time because the body will be easier to break down fat.


If you limit the intake of carbohydrates, fat is burned more efficiently during training. To run need energy, and the first few minutes, she comes from carbohydrates. The lower body of these substances is, the faster will be cleaved fats.


How many calories are burned while running

Counting calories women learned long ago. Each food intake increases the amount of calories in the body and any physical load, on the contrary, leads to burning. Almost all the products you can find the appropriate label, such as "250 kcal per 100 g." So many people want to know how many calories spent while running in order to know whether it is possible to eat regular chocolate.

To accurately calculate calories burned while running, you need to know your weight, body fat percentage, and be taken into account while working out. A very fat people fat burning process will be more complicated and longer, rather than a person of average weight category. It is also believed that the men burned calories faster than women.



The table provides data showing the number of calories expended when running in an hour.

Moderate jogging plus intensive walking burns 250 calories / hour in women weighing more than 60 kg.

Moderate jogging plus intensive walking burns 320 calories / hour for men weighing more than 80 kg.

Moderate jogging without stopping burns 600 calories / hour in women weighing more than 60 kg.

Moderate jogging plus intensive walking burns 840 calories / hour for men weighing more than 80 kg.

Women weighing less than 60 and less than 80 kg male, average burn 400-450 calories per hour with walking and running from 800 to 1000 calories when running without interruption.

The benefits of running for the figure

Sometimes it can be seen as a slender girl or a guy with no visible flaws figures actively running every day. Why are they doing that? To maintain good health!

Running not only burns fat, but also a positive effect on the whole organism.

Regular athletics - is:


  • Keeping the body in good shape
  • Continuous synthesis of new cells as a result of the collapse of the old
  • Activation of the circulatory system, and as a result, the supply of oxygen and nutrients all body systems
  • Improved performance due to gas exchange through the skin and lungs
  • Excellent health and good mood

But as running affect the figure? Only if the fat burning process takes place at athletics? Recall that most of all tired with vigorous race - of course, feet. Calf muscles are strengthened considerably after only a month of regular exercise, and beautiful sport feet - this decoration is not only women but also men.

Second - it's the press. Unbeknownst to the runner, the abdominal muscles are often cut when running, because breathing is often carried out using the abdominals. Besides lifting burns excess fat from the abdomen, behind which lurk the coveted "cubes".

The jogging is good for the figure, in addition to "polishing" the legs and the press? The active hand movements help to keep toned pecs. In addition, athletes unfamiliar with such a problem, as the saggy skin on the hands. Trim, slim figure with clearly distinguished boundaries shoulder, abdomen (from the girls, respectively, waist) and hips - that's a typical result after a few months of active jogging.


Athletics - one of the oldest sports, not to lose relevance and popularity today. Running is truly unique - you can achieve impressive results, almost no discomfort at playing.

The main thing is to make sure that jogging was a pleasure, and not strained, and then it will be possible to preserve the health and excellent shape for years to come.

And no fat is not afraid, and do not have to grasp the meaning of labels in the search for high-calorie foods. Fans running, are engaged in more than three years, claiming that his title - "Queen of sports" - athletics won deservedly.