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Development of endurance

Development of endurance

Most untrained people in Australia, at the very beginning of their physical struggles face the onset of rapid fatigue. Or as another example - you see the approaching bus and rushing headlong for a stop. But after a few seconds your pace begins to subside. The body is not accustomed to the load starts to overwork and the speed of running begins to fall. At such moments, you wonder how it would be super to have good endurance and not choke after jogging at 100 meters. A hardy person can be identified right away - developed musculature, accuracy and clarity of movements, posture, and so on.

Determination of endurance and its types

At the very beginning should still know what endurance. There are different definitions of this term, but the sports community on the side of the definition, which gave physiologist V. Farfel. Endurance - the ability of a person to resist the advancing fatigue. A fairly complete and concise definition. To date, there are many different methods and programs to improve endurance, but the development and improvement of the quality of the case is far from quick. 

Endurance manifests itself in two main forms:

  • The duration of operation at the same power level until the first signs of fatigue
  • Speed ​​operation upon the occurrence of fatigue

Additionally, you can still be noted that the endurance allows the body to recover faster after exercise.

During endurance training is highlighted in red blood cells. They contribute to an increased consumption of oxygen in human organs. In this way we improve lung capacity, improves the respiratory muscles and in general the whole anaerobic processes in the body.

Since their training, it is necessary to put the exact problem solving which you will develop and maintain the health of your body. They are solved in the course of special and general physical training. Therefore, endurance is further divided into:

  • Special - a specific type of activity. This endurance is more suitable for athletes. Development of this type of constitution is performed by performing a specific exercise. For example, special endurance in boxing, developed through long-term work on the bag.
  • General (or aerobic) - for continuous operation of moderate intensity, with the participation of a large group of muscles. As you might guess in this type of endurance, energy is taken "out of thin air" Such energy can be generated on the training of the cardiovascular or respiratory systems. In addition, the overall endurance is an integral part of the comprehensive development of every person as It is a kind of base for special endurance.

To build endurance professionals recommend to try to follow a few simple rules that will enhance the effectiveness of training:

  • A simple implementation technique
  • The possibility of a prolonged exercise complex
  • The active work of the majority of muscle groups
  • Increased activity of systems which limit the time endurance.

Today, there are various methods for the development of endurance, built on five principles

  • repetition

  • duration
  • Intensity
  • recovery
  • remediation

Development of general endurance in Australia

To begin to develop overall endurance is better to stick to a uniform rate of exercise at first. The combination of the various components of exercise should be such that the most appropriate classes induced response in the organism and maximum endurance growth. But this beginning is suitable for people who are already a little familiar with physical exertion. And what about those who have never participated in sports and decided for themselves to open this world? So people should better to enroll in a club for rehabilitation or fitness. The body gradually enter into the taste and then there is, it will be possible to try to make sets of exercises for development.

If you change the intensity of the exercises and their execution time, number of repetitions, the nature of relaxation, you can pick up a load of impact on stamina, thus diversifying their weekly training. The main principle in training - gradually. As their growth and development, you can increase the load. Do not immediately assume gipernagruzki, as such actions you will accomplish nothing, and can only hurt yourself. More advanced people can do the exercises with a change of pace. For example, running 200 meters with an average speed, we make a short and sharp acceleration of 30-50 meters, then again to 200 meters with an average speed of 100 meters and at the maximum possible.

To work out an effective program for the development of endurance is necessary to use a variety of different exercises. Here are some of them:

  • Different variations and alternations running (running on a small distance, medium distance and accelerations, etc., as well as running with small weighting, shuttle run).
  • Outdoor games - football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other
  • Variations of squats and pull-ups
  • Cycling
  • Swimming and skiing
  • Exercises Mab Bounce

And remember. Do not hesitate to kill his laziness and weakness, especially in the morning. Sport - is an excellent tool to develop themselves and self-confidence.