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How to Buy Steroids

How to Buy Steroids
The use of steroids or performance enhancers has been ongoing for centuries. While the Greeks used enhancements to improve their human abilities, the Mayans used cocoa for the same.

The modern athlete and bodybuilder goes to great lengths to enhance his body and athletic capabilities through such enhancers as creatine, anabolic steroids, amphetamines, steroid precursors, human and animal organs, human growth hormone, Erythropoietin among others.

The various Types of Steroids

Steroids are found in various forms such as soluble powders, tablets and injections. They include estradiol and testosterone (both are sex hormones) and hormones that boost performance particularly oxandrolone, stanozolol and nandrolone.

Vitamin D and the glucocorticoid Dexamethasone are also types of steroids.

Most steroids are exogenous and available as replacements or supplements.

Steroids are not just drug supplements used in enhancing performance and building muscles. This is just half of what they do.

There all kinds of steroid compounds in nature found in plants and animals.

Steroids are produced in vertebrates for the body to function properly and very different; it’s erroneous to say all steroids increase body mass and muscle building.

Broadly, steroids are either anabolic steroids or corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are produced naturally within the human body along the adrenal cortex so that the body can function optimally.

When athletes use steroids the products in questions are basically anabolic steroids.

Commonly used anabolic steroids include nandrolone, dihydrotestosterone and testosterone from where other analogues steroid variants emanate.

Among them the most popular and important is testosterone due to its medicinal benefits and physiological affects on people.

Anabolic steroids are the most important among gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders who want to increase strength while building some muscle.

Essentially, anabolics are used mostly due to their ability to increase muscle mass and muscle function.

Synthetic versions of anabolic steroids when used lead to rapid and almost permanent dramatic increase in the production of endogenous testosterone and synthesis of protein.

The results include increase in body strength and a lean body mass particularly after exercise/training.

The effect of anabolic steroids in the body is well documented and clearly seen in perfectly ripped bodybuilders and gym rats.

However, as a hugely unregulated market with lots of fake steroids for bodybuilding, abuse and overdosing usually occurs with devastating effects.

Side Effects of steroids abuse

The reason steroids are regulated is because they are very powerful hormones with an effect on the entire body. In a nutshell, abuse of anabolic steroids in men leads to:

  •     Testicle shrinkage
  •     Infertility
  •     Development of breasts
  •     Male pattern kind of baldness

In women, anabolic steroid abuse ends up in:

  •     Male-pattern kind of baldness
  •     Increase in body hair
  •     Clitoral enlargement
  •     Deepening of voice
  •     Coarse skin
  •     Decrease in body fat
  •     Decline in breast size

There are also other effects of anabolic steroids abuse that cut across both genders. This includes:

  •     Tendon ruptures
  •     Short stature among adolescents who abuse them
  •     Heart attacks
  •     Heart enlargement particularly the left ventricle
  •     Cancer of the liver, tumours and peliosis hepatis
  •     Jaundice
  •     Severe cysts and acne
  •     Fluid retention
  •     Oily scalp
  •     Aggression and rage
  •     Delusions and mania

Due to the real dangers of anabolic steroids and their side effects, tested and formulated legal steroids for bodybuilding without these harmful effects have been developed.

However, the important thing is accessing them legally from the right source.

Why you should buy Legal Steroids?

Buying legalised steroids is important for a number of reasons:

Being in the right side of the law

Buying legal steroids for bodybuilding mean you won’t be afraid of getting into serious altercation with the law within your jurisdiction.

‘Legal’ simply refer to the fact that you can access them in your country without the fear of breaking any law.

Essentially, most nations consider them to be drugs and illegal access, purchase and vending attracts huge monetary and administrative fines or prison time.

By buying legal steroids there’s no reason to fear any of these will ever happen to you.

Health reasons

Illegal steroids contain harmful ingredients or badly combined elements that hurt vital organs such as the heart and the liver leading to cancer, liver complications, kidney problems and cardiovascular complications.

Steroids enter directly into the blood and they are not the easiest to filter or control filtering.

Legal steroids have passed the various tests laid down by FDA for steroids legal in the US.

Of importance is how these substances are used and the user’s ability to stick to a laid down tested routine. Abusing, overdosing legal steroids is counterproductive.

Legal alternatives of Banned Steroids

With the real devastation of anabolic steroids clear, especially after an extended use, there are lots of legal alternatives worth checking out.

These legal equivalents are effective as hormone boosters and sport supplements helping to cut and bulk without the dangerous side of pure anabolic steroids.

They include the genuine article of legal alternatives, D-Bal or Dianabol orally taken and great for muscle gain, Anadrole that delays fatigue, increases red blood cells production, boosts strength and encourages bulking.

Others include Anvarol a legal equivalent to Anavar and Trenbolone alternatives among a host of others.

How to ensure what you are buying is Safe and Effective?

Check the website

The information provided by the vendor is important. The site has to provide enough evidence the types of steroids they are selling are legal.

A Better Business Bureau logo can be a sign of confidence while systems of cyber crime prevention like ‘https security/SSL certificates’ and antivirus in-built in it mean safe purchases.

Does the website have a blog or a steroid forum? With posts in the blog and forum you’ll find lots of answers and pointers.

cGMP certification

The manufacturer need to have made the steroids in cGMP certified facilities that are periodically checked by such bodies as FDA.

A regularly inspected facility mean the quality control is trustworthy and the legal steroids safe to use.


The steroids packaging contains all the information about the substances used.

They must be legal and sold by a Better Business Bureau registered company/website among other organisations that ensure only sites that sell quality products are well reviewed.

User reviews

With the advent of the internet and social media user reviews have become very handy while purchasing delicate products such as steroids.

Find as many reviews as you can from current and past users, customer testimonials from various steroids for bodybuilding sites, forums and social networking groups.

All in all you will find critical information to help you choose the right bodybuilding legal steroids to use.


Apart from scouring the web in search of recommendations and legal steroid variants talk to friends, bodybuilders, colleagues and trainers.

Know what they use and what is not worth your time.

Credit cards

Buying from stores that allow credit card payments is imperative; such stores are always checked to find if they are legitimate.

You can also request a chargeback in case the order was never shipped.

Legit steroid vendors are very clear about their payment methods.


Without a label you’ll never know whether the product has safe ingredients or not.

Buy legal steroids with a label that clearly indicates their name, ingredients, usage and other important information.

Final thoughts on Legal Steroids

Legal steroids are great substitutes to pure anabolic steroids. They allow bodybuilders to gain the kind of body they want massively within a set time.

No prescription is needed to buy them and lack the harmful and dangerous side effects of steroids.