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Fatigue athlete: what to do

Fatigue athlete: what to do

Numerous stories of young athletes in Australia confirm that athleticism exercises make a person stronger, improve health. Sometimes, however, all the same there are other speech content, the authors argue that after the training feel ... worse. From alarms not wave away. What's happening? Why? This was and is speaking cardiologist Borodin, who is himself engaged in athleticism.

The vast majority of all complaints that after a certain time after the start of active sessions in the gym with a decent load of health worsened, got divided into three parts.

The first group of complaints: overtraining

Signs of fatigue when overtraining

The first, and most bulk of the athletes complain that after 1-2 months of regular exercise appeared weakness, lethargy, appetite deteriorated, lost the desire to do ... Well, the diagnosis can be made with almost absolute certainty - is overtraining.

Causes of overtraining

Members may ask, "But usually overtraining - the lot of athletes. Can overtrain ordinary, so to say, sporty? ". Maybe imagine. And rather than the athlete.

Here it is necessary to take into account the following conclusion based on the extensive experience cardiologist: each person has his own, highly individual, the threshold load. The fact that a well-trained athlete - just a warm-up, may be the limit for the novice.

What to do when overtraining

"What is it that the" threshold ", which is crossed, we step to fatigue?" - Is anticipated the next question. To determine this level can be turned into a sports clinic.

Individual physical performance quickly and easily evaluated by testing, for example, on bicycle or treadmill. After the examination, the doctor does not only make a clear idea about the level of preparedness, but give recommendations, which loads should adhere to, and which should be avoided in order not to overtrain. Well, first of all with the appearance of the symptoms described earlier in this article, you should stop for a couple of weeks of training in the gym and have a good rest.

The second group of complaints: excitement

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Symptoms and causes overstimulation

The second group consists of stories with complaints of insomnia . Typically about such a description: "In the past 23 hours to appear in my desire to sleep. I went to bed and fell asleep immediately. And now I do not want to sleep. If, however, and I lie down, sleep does not come for two or three hours. " Many say insomnia is strengthening during the exercise. Probably, the reason is overexcited after exercise.

What to do when overexcitation

I think that should be moved to training at an earlier time, if possible, even in the morning to the evening excitement faded. As a sedative, you can apply a decoction of valerian.

The recipe is simple: two tablespoons of crushed valerian root should pour half a liter of cold water, bring to a boil, then simmer for another five minutes. Then - strain and take one tablespoon 3-4 times a day for two to three months. Fresh broth makes sense to prepare every two days.

The third group of complaints: increased blood pressure

Finally, the third group of complaints. Bodybuilders from Australia say that after a few weeks or even months of training they got headaches, increased blood pressure . In such cases, the recommendations given in absentia difficult. More precisely - it is impossible. By the way, almost none of the authors of such complaints does not result in data about your blood pressure before the start of training, it is possible that it raises before.

What to do with an increase in blood pressure

Note that this problem is serious. Athleticism around the world are now engaged millions of people worldwide, including Australia. Large domestic and foreign institutions engaged in the development of recommendations to ensure a science-based medical training. The work on the study of physical capacity and hemodynamics people engaged in athleticism. Work is ongoing and some results have already been obtained and published. Therefore, ideally, should apply to the specialized medical institution, and in this article we recommend to pay attention to the following:

It is noticed that the athletes from Australia, who for quite a long time engaged in bodybuilding in Australia, blood pressure to some extent higher than, say, the fans running . This recovery rates of blood pressure and heart rate after a strenuous exercise slowly.

Recommendations control group of athletes from Australia, along with their regular complexes, additionally jogging and swimming - with good results. The rate and duration of aerobic exercise should be set individually after the bicycle stress test.

Those who engaged in athleticism, experience with blood pressure problems, slow running and swimming should be included in the training necessary in this case it makes sense to reduce the load when doing weight training. The main thing is ultimately not muscle, and health.

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