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What to do if muscles do not grow

What to do if muscles do not grow

Athletes in Australia engaged in athletic gymnastics for quite a long time, may be a situation similar to that described below.

"For the past two years," shakes ", taking advantage of your systems. Success is (or rather was), and very tangible in Australia. Overgrown muscle strength increased by half. Recently, however, the results are growing very slowly or not growing at all. Topcu virtually on the spot. What to do?".

"Shakes", and the muscles do not grow ... Stagnation! Who of athleticism involved are not familiar with this situation? After the results are inspiring suddenly losing streak. Muscles are no longer responsive to the load, the force grows, the desire to train disappears ...

Well, it's almost normal and indulge in panic is not necessary. Why muscles do not grow? The main thing in this situation - analyze your workouts and make the right conclusions. That's right , because often it seems that the stagnation - the result of mistakes in the work of the chosen program.

No, of course. The program could be a great and trained you hard. But why muscles do not grow? Just muscle at this stage and to adapt to the weight of the projectile, and mode of operation. By the way, inexperienced athletes from Australia hitting the stagnation band, often dramatically increase the load, and only aggravate the situation.

The most reassuring way - a contrast change in the content of classes. That is, you need to pick up the load, exercises, methods of their implementation, the order, the number of approaches so that a set of new effects were different, sometimes opposite principle that served you so far. Such tactics, on the one hand, will give a new impulse to the muscles to grow, on the other hand - reassuringly will affect the athlete himself.

Try and after heavy strength training "work" locally on those or other muscles with lower weights at a slow pace, with a higher number of repetitions ... If you are after a change of technique again feel a pleasant pain in the muscles, so there is hope to win stagnation .

It was during this period of the new rise is to resort to "heavy artillery" of athleticism - Super Series in Australia. We are not one of them has said . What to do if you do not grow muscles? It's simple: change the methodology (principles and approaches) classes. This is usually a two muscle exercises which are carried out without interruption and must act on it in various modes, and preferably under different angles.

Here is an example of the Super Series:

1. The bench press and dumbbell wiring lying at an angle of 30 degrees.

2 . draft in tilting and pulling up on a crossbeam wide grip to touch the crossbar neck.

3. The bench because of the head while sitting and standing dumbbell layout.

4. lifting barbells on a biceps standing wide grip and climb to a narrow grip biceps standing in the slope ...

And so on. Again, we have 
not once talked about the Super Series - it provides greater detail on how to make muscle grow. Look closely the articles. It is important here to learn the main thing: the first exercise carried out in a heavy, power mode 6-8 reps. Second - stressed pure, accented with 10-12 repetitions. 

Techniques used to increase weight


In training to increase muscle mass is advisable to apply a "pyramid", but more gentle than when working on the power. Exercises should be performed at an average pace. Strive to achieve in each approach intended number of repetitions. Use receiving aid, ie 8 reps of the planned 5-b, you do yourself and others through fear of the partner.

Reducing the amplitude

Another possible method - the exercise with a reduced amplitude. In other words, the exercises are performed from the position in which you can cope with the weight of more than ordinary training. For example, the bench press to set the stamp on the "dead center" - the most difficult to overcome by the movement of the bar area.


The basic exercises for muscle recruitment sometimes permissible to use so-called "cheating" when to make the right amount of reps you connect to exercise other muscles, making movement more rapidly and dramatically. Let's take on the biceps of the bar. After 5-6 times net lifting and lowering due to the muscles of hands last 3-2 times exercise is performed with a deviation of the trunk back and attach the back muscles and deltas.

Of course, this scheme can vary based on your capabilities and inclinations, but the combination of the basic exercises and, more locally acting on the muscle, must be preserved.

Well balanced diet , without which your training will not be realized. Foods rich in proteins, and animal and vegetable origin, - in the first place. Meat, eggs, dairy products, fish, a variety of cereals, legumes - all this combined with abundant at this time of vegetables - the key to your success, the special charm of muscle recruitment in the summer. Calories for training try to get by using fruits. This will help you to gain weight, not overgrown Zhirkov. There try not less than 4 times a day, if conditions allow, even more often, but small portions. To finish the meal is not reaching a full sense of satiety, and even more overeating. Thus, an exemplary set of exercises.

Training to increase muscle mass

For chest muscles

1. Lie on a horizontal bench press barbell average grip. The first approach - 14 repetitions, the second - 12, the third - 10, fourth - 10, a fifth - 8, the sixth - 6. Subsequently, "pyramid" will be denoted as follows: 6x14, 12, 10, 10, 8, 6).

2. Lying on a flat bench dumbbell layout (4x8).

For the leg muscles

3. Squats on his shoulders. Keep your back upright! (6x12, 10, 10, 8, 8, 6).

4. Squats Gakkenshmidt. The exercise is performed with a barbell, which at the moment is squatting between the legs, grip the neck - front and back. Exercise allows more qualitative work out your leg muscles. Or, you can replace this exercise with a barbell on the leg press machine in a special Gakkenshmidt. (4x10).

For deltoids

5. Standing, bench weights, grip average (4x10, 8, 6, 4).

6. Sitting, dilution of dumbbells to the sides (4x10).

For the lat

7. Standing in the slope, pull one end of the bar of the bar (the second fixed) to the belt (4, 12, 10, 8, 6).

8. Pulling up on the bar until it touches the back of the head neck. Wide grip (4x10)

For biceps

9. Standing, lifting barbells on the biceps (5x14, 12, 10, 8, 12).

10. Seated dumbbell in the lowered hands, alternately bending hands in elbows (4x10). 
A separate article 
about the training arm muscles.

For triceps

11. Lying on a flat bench press barbell from the chest, narrow grip (5x12, 10. 8, 6, 12).

12. Standing, handle on the block device in the folded hands in front of chest, narrow grip. Extension arms at the elbows. Exercise can be replaced by "French zhimom» (4x10).

For abdominal muscles

13. Lying on an incline bench, head down, hands pressed with weights to the back of the head. Raising the trunk (3hMAKS). Here, a separate article about abdominal training.

Training, which we have proposed, does not provide for adjustments lagging muscle. If need be, limit is a simple way: move the exercise for the lagging muscle at the beginning of the workout. Training is designed for use in a thrice weekly.

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