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How to increase to testosterone by natural means?

How to increase to testosterone by natural means?

In some men, the young and middle age may be a low level of testosterone. If it is not associated with a particular disease, then restore normal levels of androgens easily. For this purpose, special power principles (certain foods, vitamins and minerals), exercise (with the weights and to improve the operation of the testicles), normalization of sleep, and other important details.



It is in the deep sleep phase is released most of the sex hormones, and if enough sleep constantly, all the measures taken to increase testosterone, will be reduced to zero. Healthy sleep for most people worldwise, including Australia last about 7-8 hours, but the main criterion is the normal duration of sleep - it's well-being and vitality during the ascent. Ideally, you should wake up without an alarm clock, feeling fully rested. Sleep should take place in complete silence and darkness, and it is important to provide other sleep conditions for maximum production of testosterone.


Without adequate nutrition, you can forget about testosterone in general. Since the production of hormones is a complex process that involves the coordinated work of many organs and systems, to run it is necessary to provide the body with essential substances. This can be compared to the fire: to ignite a big fire, you need a lot of firewood - without them there will be fire. The same applies to the production of androgens.

Turning to the diet

  • Minerals. The main minerals necessary for the synthesis of testosterone, is zinc . Therefore, in the first place should take care of its adequate intake from food or supplements. Zinc found in seafood (oysters, squid, crab), fish (anchovies, carp, herring), nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios), pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Other essential minerals, enhancing the efficiency of testosterone is calcium,  selenium  and magnesium;
  • Vitamins. For the full health the body needs all the vitamins, but a special role in raising testosterone levels play: vitamin C - an antioxidant, inhibits the production of cortisol; Vitamin E - an antioxidant, it helps insulin to cope with the increased sugar; Vitamin D - helps the absorption of calcium, estrogen makes its weaker forms; omega-3 and omega-6 - essential acids are an integral part of the way of testosterone biosynthesis; vitamins B - involved in thousands of biochemical reactions that increase the synthesis of sex hormones. These vitamins are found in citrus fruits, berries, fish oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts;
  • Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, is the basis of human nutrition and life, without which there is no biochemical process, including testosterone synthesis. For example, fats - cholesterol sources is, is the basis for the testosterone molecule. Therefore, men definitely need a balanced diet so as to avoid any shortage of these substances.
  • Water. Depending on body weight a person should drink about 1.5 liters of ordinary purified water per day. Increased water consumption is necessary if you are actively engaged in sports. And remember, do not water - soda, store juices, soft drinks and so on.

On the basis of the above, you can make a list of products that are useful for men in Australia - it's seafood, fish, fruit, vegetables, berries, herbs, nuts.

We exclude from the diet

However, not all foods will work to normalize hormonal levels. Try to eliminate from the diet:

  • Fast carbohydrates (cakes, pastries, white bread, chocolate, sweets).
  • Fatty foods. Such food contains a lot of cholesterol and fat, forming overweight.
  • Effervescent and sodas. They contain a lot of sugar and generally unhealthy.


Men from Australia who are overweight, have a lower level of sex hormones. It is a proven fact, due to the physiology of men.

The fact is that in adipose tissue is the transformation of male hormones into female estrogens. A greater than estrogen levels in the body, the lower testosterone. Thus, adipose tissue forms a closed circuit (Fig. 1), causing a decrease in sex hormones.


It is proved by numerous studies that moderate exercises with weights help increase testosterone. What has always distinguished individuals of the male from the female? It is uncommon masculine strength, compared with the women from Australia has always been a man's priority. Therefore, competent training with weights will increase the male hormone. But the main thing is not to overdo it, because you can get exactly the opposite result.

The basic rules of training with weights to increase the maximum testosterone:

  1. The duration of exercise should not exceed an hour, ie something like this:.. 10-15 minutes of warm-up, 45-50 minutes of weight training. Why so, we explain further.
  2. Number of exercise should not exceed 3 per week. Between workouts you must take a break of at least one day to restore the body's muscles and strength.
  3. Train your large muscles: the back, legs, chest. Be sure to include in the basic training program of force exercises to increase testosterone
     , such as the squat, bench press and standing, deadlift, and others.
  4. Projectile weight must be such that it was possible to make a maximum of 8-10 reps. And the last repetition should cause maximum force.

These four basic criteria must be met if you want to keep your hormones at a high. These rules are the result of research in this area. For example, the duration of exercise should not exceed a specified time interval, because after 45-50 minutes of training, begins to produce catabolic hormone cortisol, which is a testosterone antagonist. actively in training to produce testosterone before this time.

A significant increase in hormonal background training exercise large muscle groups. If you believe that the active training the biceps, triceps, calves, forearms press and will give you the desired level of hormone, then you are greatly mistaken - only exercise large muscle groups capable of it.

An example of an exercise program in the Australia gym

Workout 1:

  1. Link T-rod.
  2. Craving for the upper block head sitting.
  3. Bench barbell or dumbbells lying.
  4. Divorce dumbbells in hand on a bench or a mix of hands on a simulator butterfly.
  5. French bench press.

Workout 2:

  1. Squats.
  2. Straighten the legs on the simulator.
  3. Bench barbell standing (military press).
  4. Press of dumbbells while sitting on the bench.
  5. Lifting dumbbells or barbell biceps.

Train, observing the basic rules listed above, and take care of an appropriate diet after a workout.


Alcohol in a man provokes the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. In addition to this, the system causes harm to the body, which can not but affect the development of hormones for the worse. Degrees of alcohol are irrelevant to its negative effect. For example, beer contains analogues of female sex hormones that dramatically affects the hormonal background. The exception is a natural dry red wine, which on the contrary, inhibits the action of the aromatase enzyme responsible for the metabolism of testosterone to estrogen.


  • Do not overeat. In hyperalimentation two negative factors: 1. The organism spends a large amount of energy for digestion, while both processes are inhibited production of sex hormones; 2. Constant overeating triggers the deposition of excess fat, the consequences of which have been described above. Especially it is not recommended to overeat and eat at night, because the digestive processes are oppressed for a while hormone production 
  • Be sexually active. Moderate increase the production of sex hormones. But do not overdo it in their sexual impulses, otherwise get the opposite result. Easy communication with representatives of the fair sex also increases levels of the hormone;
  • Avoid stressful situations, often in a good mood. When stress is actively produced cortisol , which reduces levels of the male hormone. Good mood, on the contrary enhances the production of androgens;
  • Keep track of the level of testosterone in the body antagonistic hormones -  estrogen  and cortisol, which are in the body above normal, reduce the production of male hormones. To protect the activity of estrogen necessary to use different kinds of sprouts, assist estrogen excretion in liver and red grapes and natural wine on its basis, which reduces the enzyme aromatase activity;
  • Win. The victory improves male hormone! Not for nothing is called hormone testosterone winners. Even the smallest and insignificant victory boosts testosterone levels for some time.
  • Tempers. Tempering procedures (for example, pouring water), briefly increased androgen secretion, and, in general, positive effect on health.


At the beginning of therapy, it is necessary to get rid of the factors reducing the production of sex hormone, and then to focus on its increase. On the question of increasing testosterone must be approached comprehensively, then the effectiveness of the treatment and prevention of androgen deficiency is significantly higher.

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