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Brand :BM Pharmaceuticals
Product Code :548
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Package: 100 mg/amp. (10 amp.)
Substance: testosterone propionate
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Description, In Australia Test - prop 100 is a popular drug
Test prop - a strong anabolic and androgenic steroid is capable of boasting all the properties of natural testosterone, but endowed with a longer term activity. His release has been a well-known pharmaceutical company Genesis (Genesis).
Its properties allow to significantly increase muscle mass, improve its quality (relief, hardness) and to increase the power rates. For these purposes, the drug most commonly used in sports practice, in disciplines such as bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, and so on, In Australia Test - prop 100 is a popular drug. Can it be useful in other fields, particularly in medicine, such as muscular dystrophy or insufficient development of primary and secondary male sexual characteristics, In Australia Test - prop 100 is a popular drug.

Test-prop 100: quality description
The active ingredient of the drug is testosterone propionate. This is, without exaggeration, the most popular today testosterone ester, for over half a century, actively used in sports, and in medical practice. It was synthesized in the early 20th century (in the 30s), and on the pharmacology of the market was a little later due to the efforts of the German company Schering, In Australia Test - prop 100 is a popular drug.
Action Test prop (testosterone propionate) lasts longer than natural testosterone (the first period of activity - for two days, the second - at least 24 hours). At the same time the drug is taken as quickly as possible for the cause, its effects can be felt within the first few hours after the injection.
It is also known that the Test-Prop production Genesis 100 is powerful enough steroid agent. Anabolic and androgenic activity of the drug - 100% of endogenous testosterone. Admission is it leads to the following improvements, In Australia Test - prop 100 is a popular drug:
• To increase muscle mass;
• To burn fat;
• To increase the stiffness of muscles and relief;
• a rapid increase in power performance of the athlete;
• To increase libido and sexual activity during the course;
• To reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and cardiac ischemia, In Australia Test - prop 100 is a popular drug.

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