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Altamofen by Alpha Pharma 

Altamofen is a drug with no anabolic or androgenic activity. Drugs of this kind are used as an add-on to steroid courses.

Athletes use Altamofen to reduce oestrogen levels and the production. The substance reduces the negative effects after courses of anabolic steroids are complete also.

Altamofen, however, should not be used after a course of Nandrolone, as anti-progesterone drugs such as Caber (Cabergoline) should be used instead to counter act the high levels of Progesterone.

How does the drug work?

When taken during an anabolic course, it provides the following effects:

● Helps the growth of muscle mass;

● Stimulates the natural testosterone production;

● Eliminates gynecomastia;

● Helps remove excess fluid from the body.

The drug has a pronounced anti-estrogenic effect, by simply blocking the receptor from the excess amount of Oestrogen that is floating around your blood stream.

Directions for use and side effects

Altamofen from Alpha Pharma is also used within PCT. It is introduced into the anabolic course from the second week of taking steroid drugs and terminated at the end of the fourth week. The daily dosage for this is 10-20mg per day, dependent on the strength of the anabolic substances that are being used and also at what dosages.

The product should not be taken after Trenbolone, as Trenbolone acts as its own anti-estrogenic drug within the cycle.

In some cases, there are such side effects:

● Impaired growth of the protein production;

● Increased levels of binding globulin.

Such effects can occur when the dosage of the drug is exceeded or due to the individual characteristics of the individual. Before using this drug, you should consult a specialist, which can be found via our website.

Altamofen reviews

Athletes note the greater effectiveness of this drug in stopping negative effects, when undergoing courses of strong anabolic drugs within their cycles.

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